Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

When I talk to people about my business, I am so often asked what that involves or what is that? This can be a bit confusing when you do a search and Virtual Assistant brings up an Alexa or a Google Home system. Well, I am not one of those I have to be honest but I am here to help you. As a VA I provide support to you and your business be it general admin, social media management, event support or even personal admin for your home life.

Having your own business is exciting but is also hard work and can at times be stressful. If you set up your business to do something you love, the amount of admin that comes with running a business can be a shock to the system. You need to keep on top of the ever increasing number of emails; you have to manage CRMs while keeping up to date with GDPR; your diary is constantly booked up with no time to breathe; doing your own marketing including social media to reach out to your audience. These can be just some of the things that take up your time and stop you doing what you love.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for you?

If you look down your to-do list I can guarantee there are a number of tasks that could be outsourced. They might not seem big or time consuming but they can add up and often get pushed to the bottom of the list. This is something I do (and enjoy doing) every day. As a Virtual Assistant I do these tasks on a daily basis using programmes regularly and focusing primarily on the task in hand which help me get through the tasks in a more time efficient manner.

Sometimes it can seem like a daunting task to outsource your admin and social media especially if you started your business from the beginning and have done everything for yourself. The time put in at the beginning to ensure everything is handed over properly can save you so much time and stress in the long run. The key is to find someone who works well with you and that you trust. Building a relationship is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable partnership. Your business is part of you and you started it to do something you enjoy so why spend your time on admin when you could be doing what you love. A Virtual Assistant can provide you the support you need without having to employ someone and being able to work in a flexible manner. Imagine being able to have someone supporting your business and not having to worry of overhead costs, the extra admin that in turn comes with employing someone or thinking about holiday or sick leave cover.

Why am I a Virtual Assistant?

My main reason is to help people to reduce their stress and give them some time back; and I love admin. Tasks that are filled with dread to you are what I love about my job (I know that might sound strange but it really is true). There can be a lot of pressure running your own business and we try do to everything ourselves. This is not an efficient way to work as although sometimes we think we can do everything this is not really the case and things can get missed or not done to the highest standard. The best way to grow is to outsource and share the workload.

What next?

So you think this is something that can help you grow your business and reach those goals you set yourself? Please contact me at info@rubymoonva.com for a free discovery call to discuss how I can support you

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  1. Rebecca Ward

    Fantastic blog, very well written and now I fully understand the role of a VA!!

    1. rubyscaife

      Thank you so much. I am so pleased you enjoyed it

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