Why it took an injury for me to focus on my business

Back in April, I picked up a knee injury. For those who know me know that running is a big part of my life for my physical and mental health. During any normal time, the impact would have been insignificant but for this to happen in the middle of lockdown was a huge challenge. I soon realised I needed help and started physio. –

During the four months of physio, we worked on strength, stability and changing my running style. This was physically and mentally exhausting and at times like I was learning to run again. The results are really starting to show. I feel stronger, more determined and can see the hard work is finally paying off.

What has this got to do with business?

It had me thinking, about running a business and the different components there are to make a successful business. Ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently through strength, flexibility and hard work.

There has been so much change this year and businesses have had to adapt the way they work at every stage.

In March, businesses went digital almost overnight. Processes were put together in a short space of time to ensure things kept working. It was a time of unknown and no one knew how long it would go on for. I certainly felt overwhelmed a lot of the time with little thinking space just aiming to ‘get by’. Plans and processes were put in place to just work but now is a time to look at whether they are efficient to not only run your business but grow it too.

Have you stopped to see what your business is like now?

It is coming up for six months since the beginning of lockdown. Now is a good time to strip back those processes and look at the way your business is running.

Could you be more efficient?

Are there areas that are struggling?

Are there areas that are working really well?

A mini business audit can help you look at your business in a different way, which in these times of change is no bad thing. Taking this time can help you focus on the strengths of your business and growing them while tackling the niggles you might find before they become more of a sticking point.

Focusing on your business in this way can make things clearer and clear that brain fog you might have been feeling.

What are you waiting for dive in and analyse the working cogs of your business.

If you would like some support with this or have any questions, please do contact me on info@rubymoonva.com.

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