The Holiday Juggle Survival Guide

The Easter holidays are over and the normal routine has started again for many of us. How did you find juggling work over the holidays? Did you feel it was well organised and ran smoothly or was it stressful and filling you with dread for the up and coming summer holidays? It can be difficult to find that perfect work/life balance when it is the holidays, especially with the weather we had over Easter. It can be hard to peal yourself away and get some work done.

If everything went smoothly well done! That’s a great achievement as is hard to keep everything running. If not, don’t worry below are some useful tips and possibly solutions for future holidays.

Whether you are on for some relaxation or you are looking after children on their school holidays. It can be challenging to get the balance right with work and life. Running your own business can feel like your work never stops and may involve taking your work on holiday with you when you are supposed to be relaxing.

Please see below some useful tips on surviving the holidays.

  1. Planning is key! – As a business owner you plan how you are going to grow your business and reach your goals. Use your plan to survive the holiday time by looking at what is vital to keep your business running. The last thing you want is to reach the end of your holiday with a backlog and needing to make up for all the time spent away. Keeping the basics going throughout can really benefit you and not cause any unwanted stress and sleepless nights.
  1. Be Prepared – It is no surprise that a holiday or the school holidays are coming up. It will ease stress and help you focus on what you need to do at specific times. Be careful not to over prepare, life is always unpredictable and you can only prepare so much before something pops up. Preparation also needs to be started in advance so you are not rushing around in the last days before trying to get everything done. Yes Easter has only just finished but it will be a blink of an eye before you are off on your summer holidays or the children are breaking up for summer. Make a list of what worked and what didn’t over the last holiday period. This will help you prepare for the next.
  1. Time management – if you are going on holiday ask yourself do I really need to work or can my business survive without me for a couple of weeks? With excellent scheduling tools around these days you can plan all social media/newsletters/blogs ahead of time to keep things ticking over. If you do need to keep working, set out time slots to focus solely on work. Even though we all want to be amazing at multi-tasking it is not an efficient way to work. Block out your time slots and let people know that this is your business time and not to disturb you (if possible). Have three lists depending on the time taken for the tasks e.g. quick, medium and long tasks. This will help you focus depending on how much time you have and you won’t waste your valuable work time wondering what to do next (and don’t we all love the satisfaction of ticking things off a list).
  1. Holiday cover – so this might or might not be something you have thought of before, but it is always an option. In big businesses when someone goes on holiday you normally do a handover or a temp is brought in. So why can’t this happen in your business? Ok, so you won’t be able to hand over everything and it can seem very daunting delegating tasks, but it is possible. Below are some tasks that could be handed over to ease you of the stress while you are on holiday:
    1. Inbox management – as a Virtual Assistant one of my services is inbox management. I have a wealth of experience in this and can help to keep your inbox under control while you enjoy your holiday. If anything urgent comes in or requires your action you can be notified. This will save you spending precious time going through every email that comes in, being distracted by something that can wait, and then dealing with cleaning up once you are back from holiday.
    2. Diary management – you don’t want everything to stop while you are on holiday. This could end up with you having nothing booked in when you return. Delegating to someone to keep your diary up to date and meetings booked in or re-arranged ready for your return so you can hit the ground running.
    3. Finally social media support – although there are scheduling tools that can help with this, arranging someone to be available to monitor your page and reply to any comments can help keep things ticking over when you might not be as present as much as usual.

Holiday cover is a fantastic service but needs to be arranged in advance so planning is crucial to ensure you can fully relax and enjoy your holiday.

  1. Enjoy! – Whether you are going on holiday or it is the school holidays, being a business owner is an amazing opportunity to enjoy this time. You have every right to enjoy it as much as everyone else and you need the break too. So sit back, relax and enjoy the break!

If you have any questions or are interested in discussing any of the points above further including holiday cover options please do not hesitate to contact me at

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