How do I find the right Virtual Assistant for me?

It can be hard, but sometimes you get to that point where you don’t have the time to do everything! This is where a Virtual Assistant can help. Someone who can be your right-hand man. To work with you to help you grow your business.

You have grown this business from the beginning. Now you need to find the right person to support you with the next stage. The question is how do you find that person.

There are a number of Virtual Assistants and every one of them is different, offering different skills, working in different ways with different personalities. You are going to need someone who you will enjoy working with

So how do you find the right VA for you?

  • Firstly, if you can sit down and look at the areas you would like support in. This will help to look for a VA specialising in those areas. For example, some people don’t enjoy social media. In this case you would look for VAs who specialise in social media managing.
  • Know your key personal and business values. You will need to keep these in mind during a discovery call with a VA. Working to the same values is crucial in ensuring a good working relationship and knowing both your values are respected.
  • Speak to other business owners in your network groups for any recommendations. This can help knowing you can trust someone but remember you will still need to meet them to make sure you work well together.
  • Build relationships which will help to build the trust. A good working relationship is built on trust and good communication.
  • Someone who understands you and the way you work. Everyone works in different ways just like everyone has different personalities. A VA who can adapt to work in a way that is beneficial to you will help build that working relationship and in turn help grow your business.

Virtual Assistants usually offer a free discovery call. This gives a great opportunity for the potential client and the VA to discuss the areas of support, each other’s businesses, experience and general personalities. Knowing what you want to achieve from hiring a VA is another key discussion point. Once this is clear to you it can be clearly communicated from the start.

What you need to remember is that trust, respect and good communication are key to a good working relationship. You will be working closely with your VA and working together in the business you have grown from the beginning.

Once you find the right person the relationship will blossom, and your business will flourish. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do email me at and I will be happy to chat through any questions.

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