Through the keyhole of a business owning parent during lockdown

Life changed overnight for us all. The life as we knew it ended and our new ‘adventure’ began. Schools closed which meant children home 24/7 and the challenge of home schooling started.

Not only could we not go out with our children (apart from the daily exercise) we were now entertaining them at home, keeping the house running, attempting schoolwork all while trying to keep a business running.

Businesses are brought online where possible. Creative changes to business to keep some form of income coming in.

In our house, we are going through a lot as it is, also with a two and four-year-old in tow. I can no longer go to the loo in peace, drink my coffee or even eat lunch without feeling like I am on Mastermind with the questions I am consistently asked throughout the meal.

My business planning time has turned into thinking of creative ways of what to build with an egg box. My Sunday night planning is now lesson planning for the week ahead (loosely put as we play things by ear day to day).

People saying we have been given the gift of time. Now is the time to get all those jobs done we have been wanting to do for so long. What time? Where is all this extra time? I have got more grey hairs now that I did eight weeks ago. I feel I have aged 20 years overnight.

To work on my business is a joy but sometimes the headspace isn’t there. One thing I can still do is networking (online), which is a blessing. Being able to chat to other business owning women makes a small part of life feel normal again. Little do they know what is going on outside of the ‘Zoom rectangle’ they can see.

The chaos on the other side of the camera is like a paint/playdoh bomb has gone off in my house. The potty sitting on the floor beside me. The children fighting over who has which plastic rolling pin for the Play Doh. All the time I sit there calmly listening to the other people on the call, constantly checking I am still on mute. Making sure the camera doesn’t show the children who are usually not wearing clothes.

But, with some juggling and changes in routine we are getting there. Like everyone we have the good and the bad days. All the time, thinking about what changes we would like to continue with when lockdown ends. We are very lucky to be together as a family, even if the children have turned feral, at least they are happy.

Everyone is going through their own struggles during this difficult time, but we are all doing an amazing job.

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